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25 May 2017

Vivus get the rewards for the best lending solution

During the FutureTech Gala Vivus was awarded with the prize in the „Lending Solution” category. It was received by Loukas Notopoulos the companies’ CEO. In the substantiation it was explained that Vivus as one of the few FinTechs has proven that even in the traditional markets there will always be space for innovation and modernity.

The Grand Celebration crowning the first day of the FutureTech Congess took place on the 24th of May. Awards were distributed for the best solutions, products and services within the Fintech, Insurtech and Big Data industry. The awards were presented in eight categories. The winners were selected based on market research conduted by the organiser and through the judgement of the jury which consisted of experts active on the modern technologies market.

Awarding Vivus the jury substantiated by introducing numerous solutions that became a standard for the industry. According to the jury Vivus is one of the few Polish FinTech’s which showed that there is space for innovation and modernity on the traiditonal markets. The award was presented in the „Lending Solution” category for creating and succesfull implementation IT solutions that redefined the microloan market in Poland.

Loukas Notopoulos Vivus Finance CEO when receiving the award pointed out how important it is to constantly implement innovations: – In companies such as ours -being a market leader- innovations are implemented all the time. It’s not just a one time event which we can describe as: „Here we have implemented an innovation”. It’s a constant process of improving our products and services. At Vivus the customers were always the most important – therefore we are working on our product all the time, to provide them with the best experience. This award and customers excellent feedback are the evidence that we are doing the right things.

FutureTech Congress is one of the most recognised events in Central-Eastern Europe that is dedicated to fintech, insurtech and big data industries. It is a platform for exchange of opinions among experts who have a real influence on the development of technological innovations.

It enables familiarising with the market trends and educating the industries which want to cope with the demands of the digital revolution.

Partners of this years FutureTech Gala Night was Vivus, Asseco, ITMAGINATION, KPMG, VISA, Blue Media and others.


Marek Bosak

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