31 Oct 2017

Vivus Finance named Best Employer of the Year by AON Hewitt


Vivus Finance receives another award for its HR practices. This time, the company
was named the Best Employer 2017 in Poland by AON Hewitt, the global leader in
consulting and outsourcing solutions in the human capital management industry.
The award is the pinnacle of Vivus efforts to provide its employees with the best
possible conditions and opportunities for development.

The “Best Employer 2017 in Poland” Award given by AON Hewitt every year to countries
from all corners of the world is a proof of high quality HR management practices. In a
world of rapidly evolving working conditions and employees’ expectations, a good
employer has to engage the best talents in the market. A job offer is not enough;
employers need to create a positive and creative work environment for their employees,
and more importantly, development opportunities. All of these qualities have earned Vivus
Finance this year’s award.

“At Vivus we know that a company’s strength depends on the strength of its workforce. All
the structures and cutting-edge technologies would be useless if we didn’t have brave and
ambitious employees who are not afraid to face even the most difficult challenges. We are
continuously improving our HR practices to retain top talents and attract new ones. In our
daily operations, we are guided by a simple truth: every employee is a human being. And
every human being has his needs, aspirations, capabilities, and sometimes problems, too.
This is something we always keep in mind in our internal relationships. Thanks to this
approach, more than 50% of our employees have been with us for over 3 years,” Anna
Panek, HR Director, explains.

There are many advantages to being the best employer. According to AON Hewitt,
companies awarded with this title perform significantly better than other enterprises in the
market. They generate 4 percentage points higher operating profit, and 6 percentage
points higher operating sales profits. Also, they have a 33% lower employee turnover, and
33% more internal promotions.


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