03 Apr 2017

Vivus better than Google and Apple!

Vivus Finance has reached an excellent result in customer loyalty survey (NPS) – a score of 68 points. Only the best global brands e.g. Apple, Google, Amazon were able to reach a comparable result – over 60 points. Those companies are world wide set as examples for excellent customer service.

Vivus Finance places itself in the worlds elite with the highest NPS ratio (Net Promoter Score) according to Temkin Group Research. During the entire second half of 2016 the company managed to keep the score on a fixed level of approximately 60 points. This result shows, that the vast majority of our clients would recommend the services of Vivus to their friends and family, with a minimal client ratio that would not recommend it. A telephone and email based survey is conducted regularly by Vivus on a group of 500 respondents.

According to Ewa Wernerowicz Operation Director for Vivus Finance this high result shows, that Vivus has joined the world’s elite, when it comes to cusomter service quality. Vivus’s good performance in the NSP research shows, that Polish companies have something to be proud of. The most recent data – from March 2017 prove, that Vivus can not only be set among the worlds most reknown brands, but can even beat them. This result shows, that our daily efforts are appreciated by our clients, and that Vivus perfectly meets their needs.

Net Promoter Score assesses clients satisfaction level and the probability of them recommending the given brand. The method was introduced by Fred Reichheld in 2003. The research is based on just one question: Would you recommend the brand to your friends and family? Despite having developed new methods in customer satisfaction level assessment, the NPS method remains the most preferred tool.

The response rate ranges between 1 and 10 points. Those customers who have indicated the highest score(9-10) are called Promoters, while the ones who indicated the lowest scores(0-6) are its Detractors. The middle ranging indications(7-8) are labelled as Passives. The differene between the percentage of Promoters and Detractors will give us the NPS score. According to its research an average NPS result is 10-15. Scores that exceed 50 points are excellent.

NPS method allows us to quickly assess customer satisfaction level and their loyalty. It is particularly important in the era of marketing communication, where the primary focus is set on the customer and their needs. The survey results can help the brand develop a plan improving company’s performance – customer service, sale or service. Most importantly – NPS scores are easy to interpret and the costs of conducting surveys are insignificant.



Vivus finance is a leader in online lending in Poland. The company was established in 2012 and is a regular winner of prestigious awards for customer service and for innovative technological solutions. Vivus was awarded among others a “Star in Quality Service Reward” and also Fintech Gala Award for best lending program, as well as The Customer Gold Laurel. The company hires over 300 employees.


More information:

  • Anna Dziubińska, Bridge, tel. 608 345 600,
  • Marek Bosak, Communication Manager for Vivus Finance, tel. 664 129 300,


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