04 Jul 2017

Loukas Notopoulos vice-president of the Employers of Poland

Vivus Finance CEO Loukas Notopoulos was appointed vice president and member of board of the Employers of Poland. He will be dealing with the fintech subject as one of the strategic directions of development. Employers of Poland is the bigest and oldest association uniting the employers in Poland.

The choice of Notopoulos for a board member of the Employers of Poland indicates that the biggest association of employers recognizes the huge potential for the fintech industry development in Poland. That thesis is supported by industry reports. According to Deloite the value of the Polish market, that was created on the verge of the finance and technology exceeds 850 million Euro and is the biggest in the region. The Polish financial sector belongs to the most innovative in the world and the Polish companies succesfully compete with the worlds greatest. Poland is commonly perceived  as one of the leaders of a dynamically newly creating market. Over 60% of Poles that have a smartphone use mobile banking – it’s the third highest result in Europe. Almost 80% of the debit cards used in Poland enable contactless payments – by comparison in UK it’s only 54%.

According to Loukas Notopoulos fintech can be one of the key areas for building a competetive advantage of our economy. – The charachter of technological companies on the financial market is that they don’t require much infrastructural investments. At the same time it is a testing ground where new technological trends can be tested from artificial intelligence to cryptography. I travel quite a lot around the world and I see that the Polish technological thought does not stride away from that of the global forefronts level. This is a potential we cannot waste.

–  Activating that area of work withing the Employers of Poland Association might help working out effective methods of cooperation between businesses – the government – and the academic world. As the example of Estonia or Israel shows it is a key feature to building an effective economic predominance on the world arena. I can see a big investment interest within the corporations. Employers of Poland could become the place, that helps accomplishing it providing benefits for all sides – says Notopoulos.

Andrzej Malinowski, Employers of Poland President thinks this nomination can help building bridges between big businesses and small technological companies. The company ran by Notopoulos in a few years made its way from a startup to a corporation. Using all his knowledge from different development stages should help the entrepreneurs of the young fintech industry. The Polish market is mature enough that the relationships between decision-makers and regulators are also important. Here our experience might help.

Loukas Notopoulos comes from a Polish-Greek family and since fifteen years ago has been associated with the Polish financial sector. He is a regularly awarded fintech expert. Vivus Finance under his leadership since its foundation in 2012 has attracted 1,5 mln customers becoming one of the most dynamicly developing companies in Poland.

Employers of Poland is an assocition founded in 1989. It represents the interests of 12 thousand companies that employ over 5 million people. This organisation aims to provide good environment for employers. It links associations, companies, federations and its power is the ability to present its ideas to political and economical decision-makers.


Marek Bosak

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