About us

Vivus Finance is a company which belongs to 4financeGroup, a North European group, a leading company in the field of online lending, operating in 15 countries. Vivus is a leader on the online lending market and the fintech sector in Poland. The company started a true revolution in the industry of consumer finance. It also provides an example of how to develop from a startup to a profitable organization in the fintech industry.

In 2012 Vivus launched the sale of online loans in the Polish market. From the beginning of its existence, the company regularly wins numerous awards for customer service.

Vivus has obtained, among others, the prestigious Star of Service Quality (Polish: Gwiazda Jakości Obsługi) – an award for companies meeting the highest standards of Customer Service which Vivus has won several times, the statue of Best Partner in Business (Polish: Najlepszy Partner w Biznesie), and the Golden Customer Laurel (Polish: Złoty Laur Klienta) – awarded to Vivus three times. The President of Vivus Finance – Loukas Notopoulos – is also the winner of many individual awards, including the Manager Award and Vector (Polish: Wektor).

The company currently employs over 300 people.

Vivus Finance Sp. z o.o. – managers

Loukas Notopoulos
President of the Management Board
Mr Loukas Notopoulos is the President of the Management Board of Vivus Finance, the leading company in the microloans market in Poland
Katarzyna Jóźwik
Managing Director for marketing and products
Ms Katarzyna Jóźwik has been active in the field of marketing and business development for over 20 years. She has extensive experience in building marketing...
Ewa Wernerowicz
Director of Operations
Ms Ewa Wernerowicz is a manager with many years of experience in debt recovery, debt restructuring and customer experience management.
Marek Kujawa
Director of the Department of Risk and Management Information
Mr Marek Kujawa has been managing risk departments of the biggest Polish financial institutions. He joined Vivus Finance in 2015 to support the company with...
Ewelina Makowska
Director of Legal Department
Ms Ewelina Makowska specializes in corporate, civil and financial law. She has over six years of experience which she acquired at Polish and international law...
Przemysław Kłobut
Financial Director
Mr Przemysław Kłobut led finance and other support functions in European digital banking leader – mBank. Currently, as CFO member of the VIVUS management team.
Marek Bosak
Director of Public Relations
Mr Marek Bosak has been associated with Vivus from the beginning. He is responsible for the greatest change in the perception of the industry in...
Anna Panek
Director of HR
Anna Panek has eleven years of experience in human resources management, which she acquired working on managerial positions in corporations in the banking, FMCG and...
Piotr Białkowski
Director of Sales
In the course of his career, Mr Piotr Białkowski was responsible not only for the construction of sales teams, but also for developing and managing...