17 May 2017

500 zł from Vivus for holidays

Every customer who takes a loan from Vivus by the end of June wil receive a holiday gift card valued at 500 zł to use with travel agency. The promotion also applies to the first loan which is interest free. On that occasion there was a summer marketing campaign launched in the media.

In the summer holiday Vivus advertisement we can see a couple whose holiday plans were wiped out by the storm. When the young soaked man enters the tent and sees his disappointed girlfriend he instantly reaches out for his phone to take a loan from Vivus. Shortly after we find ourselves with the couple – in a great mood- at a swimming pool in a holiday resort.

The newest add is a part of a countrywide marketing campaign of the Vivus brand „Live it your way”. Just as the previous creations show 15 minutes can change our lives (the average time for paying out a loan is much shorter). Now to each loan taken during the promotion period Vivus Finance is giving out gift cards valued 500 zł. The coupons can be used at the travel agency when booking a holiday for over 3000 zł.

The main group we are reaching out to are young people, who don’t want to wait with fulfilling their dreams – says Agnieszka Ryttel, Vivus Finance Communicitons Manager – Our customers don’t follow the path and they want to live it their way and our aim is to enable it to them. Our offer is available online and the decision whether to adminsiter a loan is done in 15 minutes. Since recently the cash from Vivus can be taken from points at the airports and railway stations – at  kiosks and outlets adminstered by Lagardere Travel Retail (Relay, Inmedio or Hubiz). Fulfilling dreams about a spontaneous holiday getaway has become even easier.

The advertising campaing is led in the biggest TV stations and in internet. Creation was prepared by Grandes Kochonos and Dot Partner, Blue 449 is responsible for media purchase, whereas for digital media purchase – Sales and More.


Marek Bosak

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